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Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are cool ways to enjoy the Zoo and see things you might have missed. Print one out and grab a pencil before you come to the Zoo. Challenge your parents to see who can find all the answers first!

Clip boards and pencils always make it easier for children to keep track of their answers. For teachers, discussing the finished scavenger hunt makes a great post-activity and a good starting point for other related projects, whether they’re art-based, creative writing or research on a favorite animal. For families, they provide a great topic for the ride home from the Zoo!

Click below to select a scavenger hunt:
*NEW!* Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt
*NEW!* Commissary Menu Scavenger Hunt

*NEW!* Freezer Mural Scavenger Hunt

Animal Characteristic Scavenger Hunt
The “Who am I” Scavenger Hunt
Endangered Species Scavenger Hunt
Endangered Species and Habitats
Who’s at Home in Their Habitat?