Donation Request Guidelines

Thank you for thinking of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo for your non-profit fundraiser or event.  We receive hundreds of requests every month, and have created the guidelines below to help us streamline the process.  Please read thoroughly before submitting your donation request.  

* Donation Requests must be submitted on the non-profit organization’s original letter head paper and include the date and type of fundraising event being held. Groups may include an event flyer which we can post on our community board.

* All donation requests should be mailed to us at least 2 months in advance to allow ample time for processing. Donation requests are only processed every few weeks and they are processed in order by their event date.

* As a private, non-profit organization ourselves, we cannot make monetary donations. Our current guidelines limit us to make one donation per non-profit organization, per calendar year, for fundraisers and our donation is limited to one time use passes. We do not donate memberships, birthday parties, gift shop merchandise or tickets to the Wild Wine Safari which is our major fundraiser.

* Requests must include a # 10 business sized self-addressed stamped envelope. 9½“ x 4“. Please do not send small note card envelopes. The donation will not fit.

* Requests must be mailed to us by first class “snail” mail with a stamp to the attention of:

* Denice Green
Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo
1875 Noble Avenue
Bridgeport, CT, 06610-1600

This contact information should be used on all donation correspondences including inside request letters, outside envelopes, thank you notes, or ad booklets.

We wish you much success with your fund raising endeavors.