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Public Awareness Campaign Critical to Protecting Endangered Animals

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo held an awareness event today in the Zoo’s Wolf Observation Learning Facility with Zoo Director Gregg Dancho, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Annie Hornish, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) senior state director for Connecticut, and concerned animal advocates in speaking out against proposed regulations and legislation imperiling protections for endangered species.

The Beardsley Zoo is home to two Mexican gray wolves, a rare subspecies of the endangered gray wolf, as well as two Red wolves, equally endangered. Efforts currently advancing in Congress would remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species list, threatening conservation efforts and undermining critical work to protect the beauty and bio-diversity of our environment.

“We don’t have a right as human beings to destroy whatever we please. We have a responsibility to ourselves and our planet to preserve and protect,” said Blumenthal, adding that our job is to make all of the American people aware of the threats to endangered species.

“I cannot emphasize enough how important your activism is,” Blumenthal said. “The animals can’t speak for themselves. It’s people who respect nature that can make a difference.”

Dancho thanked Blumenthal for his ongoing support for Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, and emphasized that “this is not the time to take a step backward from the Endangered Species Act (ESA), a cornerstone of protection that ensures that the endangered species we work with can eventually put back in the wild where they belong.” Dancho referenced the Zoo’s successful breeding program with Red wolves, with wolf pups from Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo raised to return to the wild.

Hornish thanked Blumenthal for his role in fighting for endangered species protection, and called him an “unrelenting champion for animals.”

Dancho closed the event by reminding the crowd of supporters to use the Internet and social media to spread awareness of the threat to wolves and other endangered species. “We’re all in this together,” he said.