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Penguins Arrive at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo
Chill out this summer with Tubbs, Sal, South and Squirt at Penguin Plaza until September 30th 

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – April 26, 2016 –Four African Penguins (Spheniscus demersus) have moved into their new summer home at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo with the much anticipated opening of the Penguin Plaza exhibit. Three males, Tubbs, Sal, South, and one female, Squirt, will be our guests until September 30th. The birds will splash and play in a new temporary exhibit featuring a 30,000-gallon pool located next to the Peacock Café. Visitors will enjoy wild adventure animal shows, Animal Bytes storytelling and scavenger hunts designed to help visitors learn and care about penguins.

“This is the first time Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo has featured penguins,” explained Gregg Dancho, Zoo Director. “This is an incredible opportunity for our guests to see these adorable and fascinating animals up close and personal.” The zoo is taking part in a Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE) conservation project benefitting the penguins through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The birds live at the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park in Florida in the off season. Penguin Plaza is sponsored by WTNH News 8 and WEBE 108-FM.

About African Penguins

  • The penguin diet is small fish such as anchovies and sardines, squids and crustaceans and they eat about a pound per day.
  • They are 60 cm tall (less than two feet!) and average 8 pounds
  • Our penguin visitors range in age from 12-13 years old
  • They are true love birds that mate for life

Photos courtesy of Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park.